OLM to Outlook 2016 Conversion – WHY, WHEN & HOW?

OLM to Outlook 2016An Intro of Mac Outlook:  If you are a Mac user and want to connect your PC-based- emails to the Mac inbox then, Mac Outlook will be your official partner. Microsoft, the industry giant for software production offered a range of Outlook editions for Windows users and Mac Outlook is the only one edition that works to consolidate entire email data along with contacts, calendars, etc to unify the data of your home PC to Office Mac PC.

A range of facilities with Outlook 2011 made it worthy for Mac users; get a look of its features:

  • Long e-mail threads keeps your mailbox clean as you can keep various emails under a single subject
  • Within the email you can view the calendar entry and it is not only to see the meeting details from a single calendar, you can checkout a overlay of calendars
  • If you do have cloud of emails in PST then you can add up the Outlook Windows stuff into Mac Outlook
  • To unify emails from your workplace to the Office streamlining of messages at one place is possible
  • In a single look you can keep an eye on the entire schedule of the day no matter you are using phone or computer
  • Using this email client with any OS like Mac OS or Windows 7 is also possible for previewing Mac data into other OS

Outlook 2016 – New Edition of MS Outlook

As we have discussed Microsoft provided various editions of MS Outlook for users’ ease.  The most recent variation of Outlook for Windows is Outlook 2016, this version is packed up with multiple amenities those were not available with old MS Outlook.

Setting up Outlook 2016 with or without Exchange is quite easy for which user need to add up the email account to POP3 or IMAP4 protocol. To do this you should have proper settings for POP3 or IMAP4.

Apart from easy installation and easy usage this email client has a great collection of features elaborated here:

  • Listing of messages
  • Added commands for quick actions
  • Preview of contacts at one place
  • Updated whether details
  • Adding up a new account with simple click option
  • Adding new message with shortcut keys
  • Quick forward or reply for a message using inline method
  • Multiple attachment addition

And many more features over there due to which MS Outlook 2016 is became a frequently used email application.

Why & When OLM to PST Outlook Conversion?

There are various causes due to which Outlook Mac is failed to fulfill requirements of users as well as it is tough to work with. The foremost reason to leave Outlook Mac is its technicalities those are not adoptable over a set of computer users worldwide.

Moreover, OLM file does not exist actually because emails of Mac systems get saved into different folder and other information into some other folder that further exported into OLM format. On the other hand, PST file is proprietary file format of Windows OS Outlook that can easily access into any edition of Outlook Windows involving Outlook 2016. Outlook 2016 is the latest edition of the email client so; users want to opt this while leaving Mac Outlook. 

How to Convert OLM to Outlook 2016 Commercially?

Outlook Mac Exporter is the technically integrated software for data export from OLM to Outlook 2016 without single bit data alteration. As well as this tool will let you make Conversion from OLM to PST at your Windows computer.



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