PST Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt Outlook Files

OutlookThe PST recovery tool provides an effective method for recovering corrupt Outlook PST file data. But first, understand the cause of Outlook PST file corruption. Personal Storage Table (PST) contains most important data such as Email messages, calendar, tasks, and other items. PST file corruption is cause of important data loss, PST file may be corrupt through hardware and software issues.

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Hardware & Software issues are:

  •  PST file got corrupted by Computer Device failure: Corruption of hard disk or other storage area where PST file was stored, so the possibility of Outlook and PST file corruption.
  •  Networking Device problem: ex: if you exchange your PST file over the internet and the problem occurred on routers, cable, interface cards, etc and the connection suddenly terminated, it is also the reason of PST file corruption.
  • Power issues: You are working with your PST file and suddenly system get shutdown (dirty shutdown) that is one of the reasons of PST file corruption.
  • Virus infection: If a virus attack on your computer, Virus can corrupt your PST file or your computer storage area where PST file is stored. Normally PST file stored on computer hard drive. If you want do not face this type of problem, install a quality antivirus.
  • Sudden termination of outlook: Normally user saves all changes of the PST file and properly quit Outlook. But, sometime user does not follow the proper shutdown procedure of Outlook and Computer, it is one of the causes of PST file corruption.

These are the main cause of PST file corruption. You are trying to open PST file, but it is not possible to open a PST file. In this situation, you can use two methods for recovering corrupt PST file. First – Manually and Second – Third party software like PST Recovery tool. If you want to repair corrupt PST file by manually, hence Microsoft Outlook provides Scan.exe tool to repair PST. The default location of scan.exe file is- “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12”. The manual solution is not effective if your PST file highly corrupted. And other hand third party software effective in the highly corrupted PST file issue, and easily recover PST file data.

Manually Repair Outlook PST file

Repair Outlook PST file by using Inbox Repair tool or Scanpst.exe tool.

Step 1. First, Close Outlook, and create backup of original PST file.

Step 2. And Then, Execute Scanpst.exe tool. The Default location of Scanpst.exe in Outlook 2007 is “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12”.

Step 3. The Scanpst.exe file provides a Browse option for the file you want to scan.

By default location of the PST in Outlook 2007 is- “C:\Users\7admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\file-name.PST“.

Step 4. Then, press “Start” button, Scanpst.exe start scanning your PST file.

After scanning process completed tool display scan report and provides two button Detail, and Repair. If you press the Detail button tool display more information about corruption. If you press the Repair button, then tool starts the actual repair process.

Note– The Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe does not recover permanently deleted items. The Scanpst.exe tool solves minor corruption issues of PST file.

Disadvantages of Scanpst.exe

1). Does not recover permanently deleted items and highly corrupted PST file.

2). Does not repair password protected corrupt PST file.

Why Third Party PST Recovery Tool is perfect solution of corrupt Outlook file

The third party recovery tool provides an effective way to recover corrupt PST file and repair corrupt PST items. The PST recovery software originally designed to recover permanently deleted PST file data and solve corruption issues of PST files. The third party tool, not only recover corrupt PST files, but also recover the password protected corrupt PST files & recovers multiple corrupt PST files. The PST Recovery tool is more effective and reliable in the recovery process and users easily working with the software because the tool provides perfect design according to users.


The ScanPST.exe file is perfect for minor corruption issues, if PST file is highly corrupted then third party software is perfect to recover corrupt file without losing of important data, so I recommended third party software like PST Recovery Tool.


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