Protocol Unleashed to Import MBOX to PST File for Extended Accessibility!

mbox-pstCompany takes initiative to inform users of reforming a technology for accessing emails belonging to a wide range of email clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, Qualcomm Eudora, etc. in Microsoft Outlook email client. This protocol comes in the form of software application which deploys conversion of email data from MBOX file to PST file with unique set of features embedded in it. It has been reported that this technology has been rejuvenated with enhancements in the conversion procedure and other attributes helping to Convert MBOX to PST file. This enhancement has recently helped many users to attain maximum benefits out of this application and consumers are satisfied with the output achieved using the tool.

Import MBOX to PST software has an extended support towards MBOX files belonging to various email clients like; Spice Bird, Netscape, Mac Mail, Entourage, The Bat, Sea Monkey, Thunderbird, etc. The range extends to all email clients which support MBOX file and save emails in MBOX file format in distinctive variants of this file format. All the Metadata, attachments, and other properties of MBOX emails are retained after conversion. The application was recently integrated with multiple functions like auto-detection of MBOX files from the system, support towards Windows 64 bit version, HTML report generation, etc. The procedure to import MBOX to PST file is improved in many aspects with this tool.

Process of MBOX to PST Conversion

The MBOX to PST conversion process is done keeping the properties of the MBOX files intact. We have analyzed both MBOX and PST file formats deeply and then we came up with this conversion mechanism. The MBOX to PST Conversion software has many helpful features like it allows exporting multiple MBOX files to same PST or create separate PST file for separate folder which help to import MBOX to PST in more organized manner. The application is an advance technology and we hope that multiple users are satisfied with the product.”


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