Convert OST to PST – Easily Recover Email Message Instantaneously

  • Do you need to go overboard with something new, quirky and unconventional?
  • Are you tired of trying the conventional methods of recovery but always in vain?

ost-to-pst-conversionThen here is your chance to pick the best basket of benefits with a tool that can Convert OST file to PST with a lightning fast speed and with perfection you can never ever imagine to get elsewhere with manual tools and other traditionally tried methods. From email items recovery and quick conversion to virus-free progression, this tool is all about being perfect and fabulous to the extent that you cannot ask for more once you deploy it on your machine to move OST file. And those users who show no inhibition towards using a third-party tool to meet their recovery needs are the ones who rule the businesses as there is no downtime for them to stop their business deeds and actions. Experimenting with new things is a trait of winners and those who have experimented with the use of third-party tools, especially the one that we provide, are more than happy with their decision and came out as winners from the problem situation, of OST file corruption.

Tool Trends

Other tools – some are popular while others are not able to make a mark
Our tool – always in the list of topmost tools We have got an amazing and overwhelming response from all our customers. Be the special one to get benefited from the tool. The Convert OST to PST tool effectively converts the OST files to PST files as a recovery of the lost data of Microsoft Outlook from Exchange mailbox. This is undoubtedly one of easiest and best conversion tools which easily recover data from corrupted Exchange OST files.

About OST and PST files

OST File – The OST file (Offline Storage File) of is the one stored at client end in the system. The file is formed through Microsoft Outlook/Exchange email environment created by the user. A copy of the exchange mail data during use is created in the OST file. Through this, the users can easily work in offline mode in the email environment. During that interaction, significant tools like personal folders, offline tasks, contacts and any mails are thereby exchanged. As a result of this, the changes in stock get updated on the server on connection restoration.

PST File – The PST File (Personal Storage File) refers to the personal storage table file which includes mailbox items present in the Microsoft Outlook mailbox. The location of both OST file and PST file are same. When a user uses Outlook in the standalone application mode, PST files are created.

Reasons behind Inaccessibility of Data The OST files can be easily accessed only during a connection between the files and the Exchange Server. The OST file includes all the mailbox data copy and cannot be accessed in times of limited connection. However, in some cases during the availability of connection, users fail to access OST files. This is because of a corruption or when the directory service is inaccessible. In this case, the OST files cannot be accessed even from the Microsoft Outlook application. During this time, the use of a good third-party tool is recommended. OST Recovery software is a prime and most used tools used for converting inaccessible OST files into accessible PST files effectively. The OST to PST Converter software easily converts files as a result of which is a highly recommended tool for recovering or accessing valuable data.


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