An Advanced Approach to Bring Forward Email investigation & Evidence in Divorce Proceedings

forenics-mx-step-imgIn this age of contemporary email communication, email evidence brings forward valuable information in lawsuits related to Divorce proceedings. In this arena of disruptive technology there may be situations when the client’s messages are forged or falsified in order to take the case against them. The structure of email messages makes it extremely well suited to email investigation. To make it possible, an effective technique is crucial to the successful representation of spouses in matrimonial litigation. Let us first discuss how effective emails are while dealing in investigation process.

How Emails Make Important Evidence?

Emails are a major source of evidence on the basis of whose emails are going to be accessed in the judicial proceedings. If one participant has legal access to the other participant’s email account, then the outcome of the investigation process of emails can be put as evidence admissible in the court of law.

Email users usually believe, that their communication is private between them and the recipient. However, going through the minute details of an email conversation, can essentially bring about significant evidences related to proceedings. The features of emails which can provide useful information while executing the task of digging out artifacts are discussed below:

Analysis of Header

Meta data content of the emails including headers in the message body contains vital information about the sender and the path through which a message has come. All these details may be forged or falsified to put the identity of the sender in disguise. A detailed analysis of these headers can bring forward important details which can help in litigation cases.

Role of SMTP Server

SMTP server which plays a significant role in managing the messages basically adds lines on top of the header. If any kind of inconsistency between the data that is put forth by SMTP servers is detected, email forgery can be proven.

MIME View of Emails

MIME basically refers to the practice of sending text with the use of encoded characters. This information can be put up in such a way which will change the way the header containing sender’s details appears to others. Analyzing the MIME header will be helpful for investigators to bring about important clues.

To produce email evidences in the court of law, a client can take the help of forensic experts for resolving the case. Let us discuss the challenges that normally investigators encounter while investigating emails.

Challenges to Forensics expert

Currently there are a large number of email providers, out of which most are being used by people worldwide for communication purposes.

This variety of service providers becomes a challenge for investigators to perform a complete email inspection. Some of the challenges faced by the forensic investigators are discussed below:

  •  Suppose, a case is centered upon the usage of more than 12 e-mail service providers. It is simply impossible for an investigator to install or configure all the 12 email clients.
  •  Considering the usage of so many email service providers, every email client has a definite pattern to offer a view of the header content for its messages. Therefore, an investigator requires a common platform so as to read out the email headers in a standard pattern. Lack of such platforms becomes difficult for investigators to carry out tasks efficiently.
  • In order to search for a particular message, the forensic experts are encountered with the challenge to scrutinize a bulk number of emails one by one.

Usually experts make a copy of all the suspect emails and corresponding attachments to search for implicated evidences. These processes take a lot of time and effort of forensic examiners.
In order to overcome the challenges faced by forensic experts there needs to be a solution to help examiners scrutinize emails effectively, thereby saving their precious time and efforts.

Solution to Ease out the Difficulties of Forensic Experts

One such solution is email forensics which provides an absolute solution to analyze and recover deleted emails so as to produce it as evidence in the court of law. The features of software completely overcome the challenges faced by most forensic investigators. With this efficient tool, one can analyze the mail by MD5 hash value coding of the messages to track any changes.

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