How You’re Private Emails Can Be Used against You in Court?

email-examiner-tool1Today’s modern day technology especially Internet has given wings to almost every existing arena such as research, communication and many more. Amongst several Internet activities, emailing is one such thing that has dominated the means of communication when at long distances. Law courts have also found and considered it as one reliable means to catch hold of criminals by invading into the private email accounts of the suspects. Therefore, the title of the article is: ‘how your private emails can be used against you in court’? The basis of the article is to notify people of the same and also how it can be done by investigators and law enforcement agencies easily.

Private Emails cannot be used against Owner – Demystified

These days, in the court of law, the cases are getting influenced considerably by almost all your private online activities such as online search results on search engines, posts on social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and many others. However, out of all other Internet activities, emailing is one such doing that is admissible in the court of law as evidence and can be produced during prosecution of the suspected criminal.

Many people, across the globe are of the view that personal emails that are sent/ received through private email addresses are limited to the account holder i.e. sender and the receiver only. And on the contrary only the work emails are in the accessibility range of employers to keep a check on employees if they are using the work emails for professional use and in benefit to the business or not. However, it is not true at all and has been demystified through this article and truth that private emails can be used against anyone has been presented.

Personal Account Emails and Right to Privacy

Though, cyber security laws in law enforcement vary from country to country the one common cyber law of almost all countries of the world is mentioned here. The private emails of registered users can be produced against mail account holders as a proof in the trial session of heinous crimes such as murder, leaking un-disclosure information or any other sin committed through cyber space. Whether you give permission to invade into your privacy or not, law enforcement agencies can permit forensic investigators to collect evidences from your personal emails.

Right to privacy of personal emails is limited to a certain extent only and not beyond boundaries that breaks cyber laws. You can enjoy the right till you are maintaining decency, abiding by laws and not utilizing your personal emails for any illegal purpose such as harassing someone, cyber stalking, hacking into others account, sending threatening emails, etc. Legally, detectives can even take your system into custody and break into your email account, whether or not you provide them with the log in credentials. They are even legalized to get the username and password from the provider of the web based email program that you are using.

Various Mail File Formats and Clients Supporting Tool for Proof Collection

Uniquely designed, Our email forensics software developed for inspection of emails so as to collect proof against crimes committed by criminals in any circumstances. This becomes possible as more than 20 file formats (E.g. PDF, PST, NSF, MBOX, etc.) are supported and so more than 60 email clients (Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Lotus Notes, etc.) are influenced. By this time the mystified query: how your private emails can be used against you in court, must have been resolved. Moreover, the utility can download multiple emails at a time from both desktop and web based mail programs. Deleting an email from the account does not erase the facts as the tool can download the deleted emails also. Above all, the tool has been designed in a structured manner with an easy-to-operate interface so that users do not face difficulty using it for verification of emails.

Author Bio – The firm is a leading producer of data recovery tools and is engaged in developing digital forensic investigation tools also. Its one application that very well defines as how your private emails can be used against you in court of law.

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