How to Present Email Evidence in Litigations

emailThe rise in the cyber crime rate these days has undoubtedly made digital forensic email evidence and investigation a must. It is true that introduction of virtual means like Internet has taken communication to completely new levels of effectiveness, connectivity and productivity. It has brought relevant changes in the lives of people in their personal as well public life. It is the largest platform for almost everything and has given wings to upcoming businesses of all types all over the world. It has no limits and provides no boundaries in terms of reaching people located in any corner of the globe.

Many more things can be said in favor of Internet which is the most used service for emailing purpose and has almost become a part and parcel of almost everyone in the recent past. However, the World Wide Web along with multiple advantages brings many disputed activities with itself. While one aspect shows that emails that are an essential component of our lives, has brought many positive effects the other side depicts that it is one of the most harmful resources. It can bring huge destruction’s in one’s life through cyber crimes. Know them in the section ahead!

Kinds of Existing Cyber Crimes

The world is a kind of a storehouse that consists of people possessing both positive and negative mindset. People of the latter type generally opt to make adverse use of everything and that is the reason that Internet emailing service has also been affected by it. Internet is a widespread means these days through which people carry out their daily activities like banking, shopping, advertising, share marketing and the most importantly communication through emailing.

How can use emails in court as evidence


To make such people prey of their atrocious crimes the cyber criminals who keep on browsing the virtual world most of the time indulge in many scandalous activities like hacking, theft, cyber stalking, identity theft, sending malicious software, child soliciting and abuse, tax refund fraud, corporate account take over, theft of sensitive data, theft of intellectual property and many more. It is therefore essential to make the forensic Email Evidence and investigation even more effective to determine the actual offender.

Emails, Not Just Basis of Cyber Crimes but Reaching Criminals As Well

email-forensic-toolEmail, a medium for both crime as well as reaching criminals – It is very true that the basic and chief element that forms the foundation of most of the cyber crimes is email. But on the other hand it is also a fact that emails are big clue to committed crimes. Free emailing service provided by many companies is one thing with which the criminals gather most of the info about the victim’s account and other important details. Furthermore, they bring into actions their bad intentions like harassment, asking for ransom; breaking into one’s banking account, etc. In such cases forensic data analysis and investigation of emails can prove to be a remarkable solution to catch hold of the wrongdoers. Therefore, by examining the web based or desktop based emails of either suspects or victims, success can be achieved in determining and proving the actual culprit involved in the criminal case. But then the question arises as how the emails which may exist in bulk can be examined to collect concrete evidences.

How to Deal With Bulky Email Accounts Investigation?

6105746It is true that law enforcement agencies have been in the race continuously, to carry out the investigation process effectively since years. But the hurdle that used to come in the way of efficient analysis was the restricted availability of an apt means for e-discovery and examination of emails. Heavy email accounts, which generally are, were difficult to be examined manually by the investigators. However, nowadays some email examining tools have been devised for Forensic Evidence of emails.

But the choice should be clever enough for accurate results. Hence, software known as importance of email evidence is suggested for use that has been built up with international standards. The reason being that it has the ability to download and examine emails from heavy accounts of about more than twenty types of files that are most widely used by people all over the world. It offers a structured format for proper management of cases and is reliable enough to produce evidences that can be presented before court of law. It is featured with multiple characteristics like multiple views, shortcut & hot keys, advanced search options, IP tracking facility, numerous export options, team collaboration facility and many more. Lastly, it can be said that investigating agencies can use the application deal with almost all types of cyber crimes.

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