An Overview on Forensic Email Data Analysis

collect-emaildataForensics email Data Analysis is the thorough study and investigation of an electronic mail message to reveal the enclosed evidences. Email Data Analysis can be considered to as digital technique of logical or statistical examination of email messages for evidences evaluation. Data psychoanalysis depends upon the type of data components and the nature of incorporated elements. It can be divided into two major categories that are, normal data and encrypted data.

Normal data can be read straightaway via various techniques whereas encrypted data needs to be decrypted first in order to study the existing facts and clues. Under data examination technique, all the provided components are thoroughly examined through logical reasoning and the information is gathered.

Depicting & Analyzing Deleted Data

Data can be analyzed even if it is deleted permanently from the email items. When any of the components of data is deleted from the mailbox components, it is not deleted from the memory and is captured by the empty spaces. Till the time, these empty spaces are overwritten or compressed using file compressor utilities and methods; the deleted data is retained within the system memory.

During data analysis, this erased data is extracted from the file and is restored back on memory within its actual format and layout. All the evidences encrypted within email messages are distilled and investigated to know the hidden facts.

Email Data Analysis Cycle

Forensics Email Data analysis and research comprises of various steps and this includes:

  • Developing statement for research subject
  • Developing statement for research hypothesis
  • Defining various mechanism such as questionnaire
  • Gathering data and other information from emails
  • Analyzing provided data components
  • Depicting facts and final conclusion based on analysis.

Email analysis is a complete cycle of activities where implementation of each step is compulsory in accordance to derive accurate output. Various manual techniques as well as prescribed procedures are used for data evaluation.

Distinguished & Advanced Data Analysis Technique

This inspection and scrutiny of data can be executed using commercial data examining tools. Email Examiner is forensic email data analysis and examination software that helps in assessing data through integrated advance research mechanism. The tool helps finding evidences from the email messages and heading towards final conclusion. Data research can be done via providing specified keywords and advance search algorithms will extract and display all the emails containing that prescribed keyword. These email messages then be examined to reveal the hidden clues and evidences.

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